Micell - A collection of functions assisting frontend development

You maybe always need to write some utility or helper functions in your projects, regardless of the size of the project. These functions are consist of many categories. Some can be shared across the projects, such as:

  • Cookie manipulation
  • Parse or format the date
  • Format the number
  • Detect the type of browser
  • Base64 conversion
  • Common regular expressions
  • And so on.

These are the functions we care about. These are the functions Micell cares about.

So, what is Micell?

Micell (pronounced /maɪˈsel/, like my-cell) is a collection of functions which is used with web development daily. Micell only includes the common functions in the most projects. Also, for integrity, it will include some uncommon functions.

What is not Micell?

  • It is not a replace to Lodash, Momentjs or Dayjs.
  • It is not to include all utility functions in your application.

Why Micell?

  • Shared in community: You don't need to write the common utility functions repeatedly. Micell make reusing across all projects.
  • Typescript support: Source code is written with TypeScript. And type declaration files is bundled in npm package.
  • High reliability: Test in all modern browsers, even in IE 11. Up to 96% test coverage.
  • Import as need: Use babel-plugin-lodash to import the used modules.



npm i --save micell


yarn add micell


If you want to use micell with <script> directly, you can use jsDelivr.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/micell"></script>


import micell from 'micell'

// Generate a random string

// Get a cookie value

More functions see the Docs.

Tip: In the micell website, you can try micell in the console of browser which is exported as the global micell object.


While micell has been intermittently developed for more than one year and includes more than 100 functions, but there are many things you could contribute to make. For example:

  • Use it in your project
  • Improve the document
  • Make the Feedback of bug
  • Request the new feature
  • And many other things you think micell should do

All contributions are welcome.